Cross Browser Testing Tools in 2022

Cross Browser Testing Tools Cross browser testing is a staple for any software project with a web interface, spanning browser types, versions, and the many devices that use them. As a result, the number of cross browser testing tools available in 2022 is robust, and most are quite useful. However, it's important to make [...]

Top 10 Crowd Testing Tools

Crowd testing is a way of sourcing testers from a diverse range of experts to test your software package, application or product. Crowd testing scales your testing resources by crowdsourcing freelance testers, consultants and companies to provide testing expertise for your testables. Most crowd testing services provide platforms that integrate with your current work flow [...]

Cypress JS Reviews, Cypress JS Pros & Cons, Cypress JS 2022

Table of contents: About Cypress JS in 2022 Pricing Pros & Cons of Cypress JS If you’re conducting research into software testing solutions, you’re likely going to want to learn more about the pros and cons of Cypress JS from reviews with updated 2022 information. To help you and your team quickly get up [...]

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Testsigma Reviews 2022: Details, Pricing, & Features

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Pros and Cons of Appium – Reviews & General Overview [2022]

Table of contents: General Overview Pros & Cons of Appium Conclusion For any team doing research into Appium in 2022, knowing the pros and cons of Appium at a detailed level is a must. To help your team better understand the pros and cons of Appium, we’ve put together this simple guide of all [...] Reviews – Pros & Cons, Ratings & more – 2022

If your software development team is looking for the best way to automate the software testing aspect of your process, researching the various products and services is a must, and that includes learning thoroughly about 2022 Testim reviews, pros and cons, ratings and more. To help you in this endeavour, our team has done the [...]

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Top 10 Test Automation Tools For Web [2022]

We reviewed 10 of the most queried test automation tools for the web on the market. We reviewed key features, price, prerequisites to use, pros and cons. The candidates selected for review include: 2 new trending players - testRigor, Testim 4 open source - Selenide,, Cypress, Robot Framework 4 enterprise tools - Ranorex, Tricentis [...]

What is Quality Software Testing Tool

Table of contents: What is a quality software testing tool? What you should look for in a quality software testing tool Documentation and stability is a must Consider budget and type of solution Need to learn more about exactly what is a quality software testing tool? For any team looking to learn more about [...]

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5 Advantages of Autonomous Testing

With a lot of teams considering the move to autonomous testing or improving their existing automated testing processes, the discussion inevitably involves talking through the advantages of autonomous testing. To help simplify the discussion, here are five advantages of autonomous testing that you can discuss with your team to decide the impact your team [...]

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