Top 6 Codeless Test Automation Tools of 2022

Codeless Test Automation Tools More frequent and faster updates are now being released by product development teams thanks to the widespread adoption of CI/CD and continuous testing processes in the Agile world. As a result, modern test automation systems must ensure that testing is available to users with and without coding experience. Codeless test automation [...]

What exactly is meant by “BDD” (Behavior Driven Development)?

BDD is a method that focuses on how people will use the application. The app is then designed, built, and tested based on this information. To make test cases that guarantee a high-quality application, it helps to have the views of both technical and non-technical stakeholders. Since the business requirement is the focus, examples are [...]

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Best Practices for Creating, Organizing, and Analyzing Test Data

It is impossible to conduct an effective quality assurance procedure without useful test data. In most cases, staying away from production data is the best course of action. If you don't take a methodical approach to creating test data, you can overlook critical use cases. Therefore, we will discuss the best practices for creating, organizing, [...]

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Mobile Testing Tools

The goal of mobile application testing is to verify that an app is ready for release to the public in terms of its functionality, usability, and ability to satisfy the needs of its target audience's mobile devices. In other words, the reliability, usability, and performance of a mobile app are examined. Common problems with hybrid [...]

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Cypress vs Selenium vs testRigor: End-to-End Testing Frameworks Comparison

Cypress vs Selenium vs testRigor Why do we need automation in software testing? The answer lies in the fact that it is difficult to conduct effective software testing without the use of automation. The goal of software testing is to verify that a programme operates as intended, free of errors and with optimal performance. [...]

Smoke Testing and Regression Testing – the Differences Between

Smoke Testing vs Regression Testing Every member of a well-oiled software development team should be familiar with smoke testing and regression testing and the major distinctions between the two. This quick tutorial is a useful reminder for anybody, regardless of experience level, who wants to learn the major distinctions between smoke testing and regression [...]

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CSS Selector vs XPath

What exactly is a locator in Selenium? In Selenium, locators are used to identify a particular element in web pages. They enable us to quickly locate any area of a web page. Once we have a locator expression that specifically identifies a certain web element, we can present this to the WebDriver object and [...]

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Test Cases vs Test Suites: Understanding the Differences

Test Cases To put it simply, a test case is an activity, or more often a collection of activities, designed to verify the operation of a particular feature or set of features in an application. Several test cases together make up a test suite. An essential part of software testing, a test case verifies [...]

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Pros and Cons of Micro Focus UFT – Reviews & General Overview

Contrary to popular opinion, Micro Focus Unified Functional Test One (UFT) is not a rebranding of the former QuickTest Professional (QTP) tool. As its name states, it is actually a unification of two tool sets: Service Test for API testing and QuickTest for GUI testing originated by Mercury Interactive. Service Test is a Service Oriented [...]

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Pros and Cons of Selenium – Reviews & General Overview

Selenium is one of the most established names in software testing and has been solving the testing needs of software teams for many years, but there are plenty of reasons not to choose Selenium for a particular software project since the software testing landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. As with any software [...]

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