Top 5 AI Testing Tools – 2024 Overview

Table of contents: Top 5 AI Testing Tools testRigor Applitools Mabl Testim Perfecto AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is rapidly transforming the field of software testing. With its ability to automate repetitive tasks, analyze vast amounts of data, and detect potential issues that may not be visible to human testers, AI is proving to be a [...]

Top 5 BDD Testing Tools – 2024 Review

Table of contents: Top 5 BDD Testing Tools Cucumber SpecFlow Behave testRigor Gauge Comparison Chart of Features and Advantages Conclusion BDD testing, also known as behavior-driven development testing, is a software testing methodology that focuses on the business requirements and needs of the software. The goal of BDD testing is to align the testing process [...]

Selenium vs. Playwright

Table of contents: What is Selenium? Advantages of using Selenium Disadvantages of using Selenium What is Playwright? Advantages of using Playwright Disadvantages of using Playwright Selenium vs. Playwright - at a glance Conclusion Two popular frameworks in the test automation industry are Selenium and Playwright. Selenium is a legend; every automation tester must have probably [...]

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