If your software development team is looking for the best way to automate the software testing aspect of your process, researching the various products and services is a must, and that includes learning thoroughly about 2024 Testim reviews, pros and cons, ratings and more. To help you in this endeavour, our team has done the research for you to compile Testim reviews, pros and cons, ratings, and more with the latest info from 2024.

About Testim.io

Testim is an automated testing solution that leverages artificial intelligence to improve test coverage, reduce maintenance work, improve scalability, and streamline troubleshooting. Testim describes its platform as using “Smart Locators” to address common challenges in software testing like slow authoring and unstable tests.

Built with the aim of fitting into the existing tools and processes used by software teams that want to adopt Testim, the Testim platform is designed to be open and flexible, allowing users to code or record tests, customize several aspects of implementation, connect to existing CI or collaboration tools, and run tests on third-party testing grids or on Testim itself.

Boasting thousands of users, Testim has been around since 2014 and reports that it has raised $20 million in funding from investors.


In terms of pricing, 2024 pricing for Testim is not very transparent without contacting the company. Testim publicly presents three tiers: Community, Essentials, and Professional. Community is a free offering allowing only one account and supporting only Chrome in terms of browsers, and a very limited number of tests and capabilities. Both Essentials and Professional tiers require contacting Testim to learn more about pricing, and the two plans are similar in offering a wide range of functionality.

The main benefits of Professional are fewer limitations on custom grid runs, the ability to run 8+ tests in parallel rather than 4+, advanced TestOps and security, and a custom number of projects with sharing between projects. Additional differences include more extensive retention and control over data, better support for integrations, and some more advanced features like detecting similar features, deduplication and grouping suggestions, run in “Turbo” mode, auto-complete, web accessibility testing, and custom legal terms.

Overall ratings

Overall, Testim has really positive ratings in 2024. Even in cases where reviewers had feedback about areas needing improvement, they tended to give strong overall ratings. Overall, Testim appears to be a great paid solution with strong support and a shorter learning curve compared to open-source solutions.

Amid these reviewer ratings, we’ve summarized some of the key pros and cons from recent reviewers to give your team a sense of where Testim stands for 2024.

Pros & Cons from reviews

  • Most reviewers report that Testim is very easy to use across several features
  • Documentation is strong, and the company and project are mature and have a healthy amount of funding
  • Customer support has a very positive reputation and high availability
  • Onboarding and customer success check-ins are helpful for enterprise customers
  • Easy to record many tests without technical knowledge
  • AI smart locators which many other testing automation solutions don’t have
  • Testim is SOC 2 Type II certified, for organizations that require this certification
  • Pricing is not very transparent compared to other similar solutions like testRigor
  • It’s unclear if Azure Devops is supported in 2024
  • Some customers report issues with some browsers
  • Some customers have reported minor UX workflow issues
  • Some customers have reported crashing and stability issues with Testim
  • Customers have complained about being unable to copy steps from one project to another
  • Reviewers have pointed out a lack of a mobile testing automation solution